Digital campus | PICTIME GROUPE




Open and Collaborative

The Digital Campus is open, informal, mobile and there methodological and technological innovations make sense. It is a living place engaging and stimulating dedicated to digital and its future.
Dedicated to employees, customers and actors of the digital, it brings together teams whose motivations are the exploration and implementation of innovative solutions, adapted new usages. These meetings are organized for events, expert conferences or for customers projects.

Active and stimulating

Designed for thinking, relaxation and action, The Digital Campus is the essential platform of research and exchanges with fruitful collaborative working modes.
The hub, the food court, brainstorming rooms, colored and writable walls, the supervision room are thought to favor personal and professional development. The Digital Campus is a place to live fully.

More than 500 m2
of working walls

Promote agile methods
and collaborative work


Develop exchanges between
our businesses and skills

The Hub

Accelerate people
and ideas flow